Scotland’s referendum: Britain survives | The Economist

Edinburgh, Scotland's capital and second-large...

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital and second-largest city (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is an excellent, historic must-read article from the Economist. Check it out!

via Scotland’s referendum: Britain survives | The Economist.

What I liked most about this article was the description of the two most powerful factors in saving the United Kingdom.

Firstly, there was former Prime Minister, George Brown, who arrived late to the “No” cause but his speech in Glasgow was described as his finest ever. It will be good to see George Brown back in mainstream politics; he’s a outstanding politician and his contribution to saving the UK in 2008 is seriously under-rated. In my book, this is twice that he has saved the UK, and let’s hope that history remembers him properly.

Secondly, the pensioners came to the rescue, saving the “No” campaign. This shrewd group knew where their bread was buttered. Judging by the record turnout, there must have been a zimmer-frame queue at the polls. Perhaps, my next blog should be entitled:

How the zimmer-frame protects democracy!


‘My Fair Lady’ wrapped in a geisha’s kimono | The Japan Times

Two maiko performing in Gion. *The lady on the...

Two maiko performing in Gion. *The lady on the left likely has more experience than the lady on the right; this is evidenced by her white collar (in contrast to the red collar on the right, indicating her maiko/apprentice geisha status).* (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This delightful article is currently the most popular in the Japan Times. It’s well worth a read. Check it out!

via ‘My Fair Lady’ wrapped in a geisha’s kimono | The Japan Times.

Articles like this one bring different cultures together in my view.

Any thoughts?