Chinese Dream is closely tied to the dream of India – People’s Daily Online

English: Logo of the People's Daily 中文: 人民日报题字

English: Logo of the People’s Daily 中文: 人民日报题字 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This imaginative article is current the most-read article in People’s Daily Online, China’s influential daily newspaper. Check it out!

via Chinese Dream is closely tied to the dream of India – People’s Daily Online.

The implications of this article are quite staggering both in terms of accelerated development and geo-politics.

Currently, major infrastructure projects like extending or developing under-ground railways in most major Indian cities is financed by bilateral loans from Japan!


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  1. Dr Alf,

    I learn so much from this blog – a big ‘thank you’.

    China is probably the best partner for India. I believe they traded thousands of years ago and will help each other to flourish into the future, as John Gelmini points out.

  2. Dr Alf is right, the implications for the rest of us and America are very profound and they reflect on the continuing failure of Western geopolitical strategy and of our US, European and UK political leaders to develop coherent responses to what is going on.

    The focus with China is always more growth, more prosperity for their people and more global co-operation, whilst using their strength and sovereign wealth to buy companies and shareholdings in companies in the West.

    India could be a competitor to China but it lacks the cutting-edge focus and is hampered by too much corruption and an outdated caste system, so it has to co-operate whilst at the same time working with Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

    India has a great mathematical and creative tradition, which is why so many of their brightest people end up in Silicon Valley and working for Google.

    Fuse that with China’s “get it done” mentality and work ethic you can make progress very quickly.

    In the West, we should be playing to our strengths and working out how we can benefit from this process but instead we are engaged in contemplating our navels and with the exception of Germany, exporting to little and worrying about the wrong things.

    • John,

      Enlightening and positive post.

      We in the West do seem dispirited and sluggish – we need a miracle of some sort to pull ourselves out of our malaise and get creating!

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