Interim Management: Ten Emerging Trends and Outlook for the Future

Looking back over some of my most popular blogs, I think this is worth a read

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The economic outlook has deteriorated significantly since I last blogged on emerging trends in interim management six months ago. Sovereign and banks debt concerns, plus political indecision in the US and Europe, has triggered extreme fear in financial markets.  Governments  seem powerless. Many genuinely believe that the World is out of control and in free-fall, so what of the cottage industry called “interim management“?

Based on my twenty years experience, at or near the top of the interim market, I have lived through many ups and downs. Using my own research and analysis (subjective and longitudinal), I have identified the following ten emerging trends:

  1. Framework agreements increasingly deployed
  2. Volume/high-street providers have chased rates and margins down to contract levels
  3. Selling by recruitment professionals
  4. Industry consolidation
  5. Social media and viral marketing
  6. Contingency workers
  7. Professional organizations have lost focus
  8. Convergence of professional services’ boundaries
  9. Integrity subordinated
  10. Economic…

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