Five global chains set to spark off burger war – The Times of India

This article by the Times of India is an amazing read. The Times of India is India’s largest newspaper and has one of the largest circulations in the world outside of Japan. Check it out!

Five global chains set to spark off burger war – The Times of India.

Personally, I am appalled at the massive growth in the junk-food market in India. Responding to aggressive marketing, young Indians think that is cool to eat burgers. Having traveled extensively in both India and China, I am shocked at the growing obesity problem with the young middle classes. For sure, this is a ticking time-bomb that will cause a healthcare crisis in a decade or two.



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  1. Dr Alf is right, there should be no burger wars and because of junk food lack of exercise and sofa surfing and resultant obesity, diabetes, dementia and heart disease the UK’s health system is facing financial implosion.

    Here it can be fixed with variable taxes on foods in India, China and everywhere else they can fix it by promoting the ingestion of their own national foods, tougher zoning laws to eliminate the proliferation of Western fast food outlets and the growth of American style “grazing”(eating continuously 6 times a day).

    Fast food is not healthy food and should be discouraged everywhere and people should be encouraged through the tax system and through the promotion of family life to eat together at set times whenever possible but no more than 3 times a day.

    If they are single for whatever reason they need to be encouraged to eat healthily and engage in more exercise and not be “Little Emperors” like my very lazy nephew who does not feature in my will, who eats fast food, does little work and thinks the world owes him a living and will one day help him become Hertfordshire’s answer to Stephen Spielberg.

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