No more pizza or pasta please – Marilyn and Alf

Looking back over some of my most popular blogs, I think this is worth a read

Taking the slow road to Cyprus

English: Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pi... English: Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Margherita taken by Valerio Capello on September 6th 2005 in a pizzeria (“I Decumani”) located on the Via dei Tribunali in Naples. Italiano: Fotografia di un’autentica pizza Margherita napoletana scattata da Valerio Capello il 6 settembre 2005 nella pizzeria “I Decumani” situata in Via dei Tribunali a Napoli. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regular readers of this blog might remember about a month ago, that we reached saturation levels with goulash and dumplings in Central Europe. Well, we have now maxed out on pizza and pasta in Italy, as well!

To bring the you up to date, originally we planned to spend two weeks in Italy but have now spent four weeks, having been delayed waiting for our cargo-cruise to take us and our car to Cyprus. The latest delay is because our ship was held up in Valencia, Spain as a result of a dockers’ strike. The good news is that our ship docks in…

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