EU turns to Iran as alternative to Russian gas | EurActiv

Iran (Persia) with Black, Caspian and Arabian ...

Iran (Persia) with Black, Caspian and Arabian seas around (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Northern Tehran City with Alborz Mountains in ...

Northern Tehran City with Alborz Mountains in the background, Iran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a must-read article by EurActiv. Check it out!

via EU turns to Iran as alternative to Russian gas | EurActiv.

Personally, I am deeply concerned by the knee-jerk reaction from the European Commission to Russian sanctions on gas exports. In my judgement, Europe has escalated sanctions with Russia and now is considering another strategic move, without a robust energy strategy. Who is running Europe and in whose best interests?

The article makes the assumption that relations with Iran will improve to the point of removing sanctions on Iran. It is only very recently that Iran has signaled a change of direction. President Obama has responded positively to the olive branch but conservative politicians are much more wary of Iran.

Apart from Iran, the proposal would place greater dependency upon Turkey. Meanwhile, Turkey’s foreign policy has recently moved away from Europe and seems to be rekindling new “Ottoman” dreams.

Most important of all, this strategy ignores Cyprus, Greece and Israel. The Israeli Foreign Minister has indicated that he would be willing to explore exporting Israeli offshore gas to Europe via a pipeline to Cyprus and Greece. There are currently no sanctions on Cyprus, Israel and Greece.

This blog has been deeply suspicious of the absence of an effective energy strategy from the European Commission.

Let me ask an open question:

Should the European Commission not debate more open a strategy switch from Russia, and potentially Israel and Cyprus in favor of Iran?


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  1. The answer to Dr Alf’s question is “yes” Europe should seek energy self-sufficiency and not rely on Iran or any Middle Eastern country in the long run and not rely on Russia now.

    Cyprus, Israel and their partners are better places to buy gas from, than Iran or Russia, but Europe needs to be mindful of the risks associated with energy sources in politically unstable and potentially unstable regions of the world.

    The answer to his question about who runs Europe is Angela Merkel of Germany at Government level and the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the Vatican through the Knights of Malta, acting above her and issuing instructions.

    Each European country is directed by one of several very powerful families who sit within one or more of these groups, thus Germany and Sweden are allegedly “Rothschild countries” and the UK is a Rockefeller country run by the sovereign of the day, the present Queen.

    The Royal mace does not sit on top of the dispatch box in the House of Commons for fun – it is there as a symbol of Royal power.

    The City of London (the Square Mile) not the actual City is in effect another country within a country and has its own laws, its own police force and its own bank(The Bank of England).
    This is run by the Lord Rothschild who lives in Waddesdon Manor, near Aylesbury, in Buckinghamshire, who owns 95% of everything within the UK but not the land and the coastal waters up to 200 miles around our coastline which are owned by the Royal family who are descendants of the Merovingian kings.

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