New idol group exists to pay off debts | The Japan Times


English: The Japanese idol Yuuki, also singer ...

English: The Japanese idol Yuuki, also singer in the band Jelly Beans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There Are Debts

There Are Debts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This unusual story in the Japan Times might give inspiration to millions of youngsters around the World who are struggling with debts. Check it out!

via New idol group exists to pay off debts | The Japan Times.


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  1. Interesting though this Blog from Dr Alf is, the problem with youth debt is that it is unnecessary.

    It should not require well meaning pop stars or impresarios or anyone else to relieve youngsters of debt, which they should never have accumulated in the first place.
    The politicians have their priorities backwards.

    Bright young people who are being educated at University represent the intellectual seed capital and knowledge capital of a nation’s future.
    It should be heavily invested in and nurtured without the need for students to incur debts.

    The money to pay for it in the UK needs to be found from things like EU budget contributions (£12 billion gbp a year), the Barnett Formula £35 billion gbp a year, wasted foreign aid, most of which gets stolen by corrupt dictators and officials, £12 billion gbp a year and the continuing waste represented by too many councils, quangos, police constabularies, fire commands, BBC managers, NHS managers and overpaid Head Teachers who fail to do their job.

    The size and cost of the Monarchy out of all proportion to the value per taxpayer pound it does not deliver needs radically slimming down but with an axe of gargantuan proportions rather than a scalpel.
    Central Government has thousands of unnecessary civil servants(we had 15000 to run the entire British Empire in 1885 at the height of British Imperial power).

    The Japanese and others have to look carefully at their priorities but there should be no student or young person’s debt for Japanese and other newspapers to write about.

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