David Cameron: he said everything we might have hoped for – Janet Daly – Telegraph Blogs

This is an interesting insight into David Cameron‘s speech from Janet Daly. It’s worth a read. Check it out!

via David Cameron: he said everything we might have hoped for – Telegraph Blogs.

Listen to David Cameron’s speech by open this link.

Whilst I am no great fan of David Cameron, at least he had something to say, rather than the non-speech of Ed Milliband.

I must say, I like the reference to patriotism. It’s good to hear. I was in a small town in Alberta, Canada, for Canada day, and I was really impressed with the passion and respect in the ceremony; an ex-serviceman raised the flag and their was silence. When I was a child and in the Boy Scouts, raising the UK flag was an equally solemn occasion. Apart from Canada, the US and Autralia are big on patriotism; what ever happened to patriotism in the UK. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with ambition, achievement and fair reward. Sadly, I fear that the UK has gone too far with social services, and safety nets.

Because of austerity, the mainstream military services have been savaged to the point where I suspect that the UK is at risk.

Let me test the idea of patriotism in a practical way with two open questions:

  1. Should the UK re-introduce national service, perhaps along the lines of Israel, with compulsory three years for men and two years for women?
  2. Should national service include services to the community?


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