Opinion – Iraq, Syria and jihadism: The will and the way | The Economist – John Gelmini

English: President Barack Obama and British Pr...

English: President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron talk on the South Lawn of the White House, July 20, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right, President Obama has no coherent strategy for the Middle East nor for anywhere else.
Having gone into Iraq, he should have left enough troops there by a process of rotation, just as troops are still in Germany, some 79 years after the end of hostilities in Europe even though they have not been needed there for years.

The deeper problem of militant Islam, of which ISIS is just one manifestation, ought to be of concern to us all.

No other religion calls for Jihad and the imposition of Sharia Law and no other religion insists on effectively creating a state within a state with more rights afforded to them than are enjoyed by the host population.

Then there is the question of numbers; Muslims have high rates of family formation and marry earlier than most host populations, so there is a practical issue to be addressed there, as well that no amount of politically correct talk can wish away.

With ISIS, the full weight of the American military needs to be unleashed so that this contagion can be eliminated rapidly—There is no need for a long slog of 30 years as David Cameron has suggested IF we take severe action now.

President Obama has the means to intern Jihadists and the means to dispatch them and he has the means to overthrow the rogue regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are funding ISIS, the Wahibi sects, responsible for global acts of terror, probably including 9/11, as per the 28 pages of the report on 9/11 which still remain redacted and which President Obama refuses unsurprisingly to see the light of day.

As for Turkey, under Erdogan, they are playing a double game, using their hospitals to treat ISIS fighters and letting their military sit idly by while cities, like Kobani, are put to the sword.

ISIS and their paymasters want a GLOBAL CALIPHATE so it is a case of deal with all of them now or have trouble in the future.

Obama is not up to the job, nor is David Cameron and most of our mentally and morally deficient leaders.

Either they raise their game, create an effective global coalition, including Israel, to deal with ISIS and all manifestations of militant Islam, or in the last analysis, we are going to have to root out the Frankenstein in our midst in the months and years to come, street by street, and mosque by mosque.

John Gelmini

Opinion -Osborne has now been proved wrong on austerity – Martin Wolf -FT.com – John Gelmini

George Osborne has been proved wrong on austerity because he failed to match it with a corresponding growth strategy based on export led growth and because the austerity programs have gone on for far too long.

Canada and Ireland had intensive austerity for two years, only as a “short sharp shock”, applied across the board, coupled with strategies for growth and that attraction of inward investment.

In that sense, I agree with Dr Alf and the FT article about George Osborne who in my view is a “one club golfer” without a proper idea of fairness.

John Gelmini