Opinion – U.S. nurse with protective gear gets Ebola, but how? – CNN.com -John Gelmini


Dr Alf is right to be concerned.

Ebola was alledgedly created as a biological weapon, probably by Fort Detrick and Porton Down, and it is supposedly only transmissible by contact with bodily fluids.

The Spanish nurse got this disease when she came into contact with an infected part of her suit when taking it off.

If the disease is transmissible via sneezing or contact with infected surfaces, as well as bodily fluids, then we really are in a lot of trouble.

The US Centre for Disease Control maintains that Ebola is only transmissible via contact with bodily fluids and hopefully what they are telling us is accurate and Ebola has not mutated or changed in some way so as to make it transmissible via the air or contact with an infected person.

President Obama is hardly an accurate source for information and if he is a strategist then I am a Dutchman!

Procedures need to be tightened up, secure quarantine facilities need to be created where infected people can be treated away from everyone else.

The prospect of Ebola afflicted people being placed into a side room in my local UK hospital or GP surgery is not one I am happy with; given the crowded conditions and the number of pensioners there, with poor health and weak immune systems who might catch the disease and spread it in ways that have not yet been envisaged or have been envisaged but not yet talked about for fear of spreading panic.

John Gelmini

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