Opinion – Why the world faces climate chaos – FT.com – John Gelmini

I am afraid that whilst Dr Alf thinks that what Martin Wolfe has written is a “must read” I think it needs to be a must read for a different reason.

Many years ago, I had an excellent geography teacher called Mr. Burlingham and I remember his lesson on this very subject vividly and his belief that we were in fact between two ice ages because the time period between the last two ice ages was bigger than the period between the last one and the then present day when I was a schoolboy in his geography class.

The lesson was about how the earth traveled in an elliptical orbit around the sun for 1500 years and during that time drew closer to the sun for a period of 40 years and then moved away again.

The Medieval warming period and the period of the 1970s, when we had very long hot summers, corresponds with the warmer times when the earth was closer to the sun, whereas the winters of 2002, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013 are indicative of Global Cooling, something which the British Government has had reports about for almost ten years.

There is more hard evidence.

The earth has warmed by 1 degree in about 125 years, a period in which global population has doubled to 7 billion and any warming trends there were stopped in 1998 some 16 years ago.

The IPCC report in its latest manifestation says that this is explained by the oceans absorbing the man-made generated warming and that in 25 years this process of heat absorption will stop and that the world will start warming up again.

The problem with this is that both the north polar icecap and the one in Antarctica are 25% thicker and cover a 25% larger landmass at least according to NASA satellite imagery copied onto my mobile phone.

One would expect that warmth in the oceans would melt the ice, or at least, stop it from thickening but the opposite is true, and what’s more, Polar Bears are flourishing and have quadrupled in number thus confounding doomsayers, like Al Gore, the Prince of Wales,the BBC and the Club of Rome.

Professor Richard Lindzen, the top oceanographer in the world, does not believe in Global Warming and said so in an address to the House of Commons, the Russian Academy of Sciences; the Chinese and Indian Governments do not believe it either.

This is why the Chinese, even as we speak, are buying up land in Cambodia, Argentina, Brazil and Australia, on which to grow food for their people and one of the reasons Russia is keen to obtain more land in the Ukraine and put more of its own land under cultivation using the expertise of English arable farmers to advise and guide them.

The BBC which listens to people like Professor Nurse, Professor Beddington and the Climate Change Department at the University of East Anglia, does believe in it, yet the BBC cannot get more than 20% of its weekly weather forecasts right.

The Met Office who provide the BBC with forecasts on weather are so inaccurate that Tesco PLC fired them and replaced them with an American forecasting service because the BBC’s inaccurate advice was costing Tesco’s a great deal of money.

Martin Wolfe should I think write less alarming nonsense.

John Gelmini

Opinion – ISIS’s Austrian jihadi brides ‘have changed their minds and want to come home’ – The Times of India – John Gelmini

Dr Alf poses an interesting question to which the hard answer is “no they should not be allowed home ever”.

Firstly, we do not know whether these people have genuinely changed their minds or whether we are being duped into allowing back dangerously troubled people, who can be triggered into acts of violence by means of a telephone call or microwave message.

We saw the effect of this in the old black and white film the Manchurian Candidate which put forth as fiction what the CIA and the Russians have been doing for years with their mind control experiments at Montauk and at the dummy English village for KGB agents created in the old Soviet Union.

Much of the original work on this sort of thing was conducted by the Nazis and by people like Mengele who was helped to escape to Paraguay by the CIA, elements within the Vatican and the British under Operation Paperclip.

This is not a theory because the CIA kept saying that Mengele could not be found when pressed by the dead Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal, and the institute which still bears his name.

ABC television in a broadcast I watched in America whilst still living there tracked down Mengele to his house in Paraguay which had a twisting mile long driveway flanked on either side by dense jungle within a period of just 3 weeks.

The safety of the majority and the economic life of the nation is more important than any soft and misguided sympathies a wooley minded person might feel towards a teenaged girl.

John Gelmini