Opinion – Judy Asks: Should Europe Pay to Rebuild Gaza? – Carnegie Europe – John Gelmini

English: Smuggling Tunnel, Rafah, Gaza Strip

English: Smuggling Tunnel, Rafah, Gaza Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Dr Alf raises a good point and I have even less faith in the EU and its ability to manage its own finances, let alone overseas aid than he does.

The cycle of bombing and destruction, rebuilding at the expense of the EU and American taxpayer, and the financing by the same taxpayers of the armaments used to undertake the bombing makes no sense.

Allowing Hamas to divert the raw materials into rockets and acts of terror, smuggling tunnels and more mayhem makes even less sense.

It would probably be cheaper to pay each Palestinian, particularly the young, a £10,000 gbp bounty to leave and settle in the West subject to them meeting citizenship criteria.

Palestine as now constituted is not a viable economic entity and can only exist with overseas aid, so the solution with those of them that are not suited to life in the West as with other displaced people is to effectively “outsource” them to other moderate Muslim countries.

This is so that eventually there would be so few of them that Hamas and other militant factions would have no reason to be there any longer.

John Gelmini

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