Opinion – A short history of the Kurds | The World – FT.Com – John Gelmini

English: Three men in the courtyard of the Gre...

English: Three men in the courtyard of the Great Mosque (Ulu Camii) in the Kurdish city of Diyarbakır, Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Dr Alf knows, the country which Kurdistan would form falls across several borders and would take in parts of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran.

As a people they have been longer without their own country than just about anyone else in the world.

Turkey wants to recreate the Ottoman Empire which would involve them being in control and ISIS and their masters in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait want a Global Caliphate.

Of these three choices, giving the Kurds their head and bringing Turkey and the troublesome Emirates under firm Western control is the best option.

Iran should be contained and encouraged to let the Kurds have more autonomy in some sort of federalized model and with Syria an arrangement with Russia in exchange for a quid-pro-quo from them would be sensible.

China already buys Kurdish oil, so they have a direct interest in helping the Kurds, both to protect the supply of oil to CNOC and to prevent the contagion of a Global Caliphate spreading to their UIGHUR population.

John Gelmini

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