Opinion – BBC – Travel – Are there too many tourists? : Eco-tourism, Cambodia – John Gelmini

squatter family in cambodia

squatter family in cambodia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peasant from Cambodia.

Peasant from Cambodia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Dr Alf may be aware, the BBC is not an impartial observer or commentator on this subject and indeed many others..

To begin with it has a vested interest in reducing the number of tourists and indeed the numbers of all types of people, since it is a proponent of the Optimum Population Trust, headed up by Sir David Attenborough and is a proponent of the Club of Rome/IPCC Agenda, which is to reduce global population to 1 billion people as a means of solving “Climate Change”.

It articulates its position privately by attending meetings of the Bilderberg Group in secret (Bilderberg and the Club of Rome are part of the same grouping and have people who sit in both groupings).

The BBC is also hypocritical in that it wants to be able to send its reporters everywhere, likes celebrities who come on its programs to visit exotic places but wants the “lumpen proletariat” to sit on their sofas glued to television sets watching their programming.

Governments in Cambodia and elsewhere must make decisions about tourism and tourist numbers on the basis of hard evidence and economic need not the pontification of BBC reporters and commentators who have one rule for themselves and another for everyone else.

John Gelmini

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