China’s marriage market: The hypergamous Chinese | The Economist

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  1. This is an interesting article from Dr Alf.
    In the West we might have cause to criticise it but to me it is better than an average UK and American 1st marriage divorce rate of 40%,a second marriage divorce rate of 75% and an 83% breakup rate for cohabiting heterosexual couples.
    The idea of benefit recipients cohabiting and producing swarms of illigitimate babies at taxpayers expense and then living on a combination of Housing Benefit,dole,Council Tax Benefit and illegally earnt money from the Black Economy is not something I could commend to the Chinese either.
    Certainly if I had a daughter I would not want her marrying or cohabiting with someone incapable of providing a house or holding down either a job or a business capable of sustaining them both.
    This is another example of where we need to look at what we are doing and improve dramatically rather than pontificating about others as the Economist seeks to do.

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