Reform alone is no solution for the eurozone – Martin Wolf –

This is one of the top trending articles in the FT at the moment. This article by Martin Wolf is strongly recommended for a read. Check it out!

via Reform alone is no solution for the eurozone –

Whilst there is nothing really new in this article, it summarizes the economic policy debate for Europe. The article concludes that Germany must change her views to save Europe. There are two options. Radical monetary policy, viz. QE on a large scale or fiscal demand stimulus.

It is unlikely that this article will seriously influence the German government, who have already ignored similar advice from the IMF.

Meanwhile, it is hard to imagine that France and Italy will continue to toe the line on the fiscal compact. But if these big countries flout the rules, it will be grossly unfair on smaller countries, like Greece, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus.


2 responses

  1. Dr Alf raises interesting points.

    Probably what will happen is a slight loosening of German policy on austerity, more printing of money by everyone else, especially France and great proclamations about how well the EU is doing and more blaming of the present debacle on “Global economic conditions”.

    The day of reckoning is coming but not just yet.

    The “fiddlers” watching the reincarnation of the “Holy Roman Empire ” have a few more tunes left!

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