Greatest Dangers in the World | Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project

Religious and ethnic hatred is top of the five greatest dangers in the World, according to Pew Research. If you look at the chart you will see that religious and ethnic hatred is a particularly acute risk in the UK.

via Greatest Dangers in the World | Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project.

The UK is a tolerant and liberal society, with strong foundation of Judeo-Christian values. Now that political Islam has become a powerful force, religious and ethnic hatred is reported as the number one danger in the UK.


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  1. Continued…
    Globally the problem exists as well in Russia,China and throughout Europe.
    Even in Burma,normally mild mannered Buddhist Monks are on the march against Muslims because of their propensity to marry younger,have bigger families and eventually outnumber the indigenous Burmese.
    Greater tolerance will exist once Muslims learn to worship quietly,go about their business in Western dress and adapt to their surroundings whilst accepting the rule of law in whatever country they happen to live in.
    This is what everyone else manages to do and even devout Hasidic Jews who are found primarily in Stamford Hill London do dress differently do not call for laws to be changed or make trouble for everyone else.

  2. Dr Alf talks about a “tolerant and liberal ” society with a strong foundation based on “Judeo Christian values”.
    This is what the UK should be but is no longer.
    Tolerant societies do not spy on their people and photograph them 400 times a day(more than in Communist China),liberal societies do not try a man for the same crime twice.
    This ancient right under Magna Carta was abolished by one of most illiberal Home Secretaries of all time,David Blunkett.
    Liberal Societies do not tap people’s phones,use machines like NSA’s PRISM system to read all our e-mails,texts and Skype Communications.
    They do they allow the police and local authorities to use RIPA to “investigate dog fouling”,intercept the contents of newspaper reporters notebooks and communications,silence whistleblowers.
    Most recently the actions of a man in Kent alleged to be the UK equivelent of a “Don Corleone” were covered up by the Metropolitan Police with the help of a court order.
    Then we have the case of the Hertfordshire police putting ANPR cameras into old emptied GATSO speed camera boxes to protect and detect crime by monitoring the A505,the A10 and the old A14 out of the rural market town of Royston and tracking every single vehicle entering and leaving.
    These activities are those of a police state not a liberal democracy so we should abandon the pretence that we have one.
    People are “tolerant” as long as there is enough work and enough money and they can see a future for themselves and their children.
    Some people can but a great many feel marginalised so they tolerate less.
    With regard to religeous tolerance that extends to matters of worship but not to culture or behaviour.
    Muslims are the only religeous group which insists on demonising people for being “unbelievers”,”apostates” and in moments of anger “infidels”.
    They are the only religeous group demanding ,often very loudly the right to “Sharia Law” and in extreme cases the right to engage in “Jihad”(Holy War) against unbelievers.
    Muslims insist on long flowing robes ,niquabs and veils and all enveloping headdress even though the Koran is not specific on any of these points but rather calls for “modesty in dress”.
    Islam treats woman as second class citizens and does not make the distinction between “church and state ” that even the COE makes with all its tax and legislative priveleges.
    People look at the birthrate of Muslims versus the rest of the indigenous population and can see in a small crowded island the possibility of being marginalised and overwhelmed within less than 2 generations and I would think 1.
    For these reasons and recent very costly wars in Afghanistan,the Gulf and soon Syria the public want our armed forces to be supported and are not enamoured with the Government’s weak response to treason,sedition and home grown radicalisation.
    They are also unhappy about the failure of imans and Muslim religeous /community leaders to control their radical elements and like me they see Muslims as being in a position to abuse Human Rights laws with the connivance of the BBC,the Guardian,local authorities and certain politicians.

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