Opinion – Seven-step plan to rid the world of accounting fraud — Probe Forensics – John Gelmini

A Fraud Scheme provided by FBI

A Fraud Scheme provided by FBI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is a former financial director and is a qualified accountant so he would understand whether Probe Forensics has a workable solution to accounting fraud more than most.

The reality is that until you change people to the extent that they have no more “larceny in their hearts”, you are always going to have accounting and other fraud.

People are also prone to be greedy and avaricious, which is why our maker arranged for 10 (in fact 15) Commandments to be inscribed on tablets of stone given to Moses in the story contained in the Old Testament.

Greed is prohibited and at worst discouraged by at least 20 other religeons and even by secular humanists and agnostics who wish to live by their version of the “golden rule”.

Then, there is envy, another basic human emotion. which is made worse when societies become unequal and people see that the rewards for lying, criminality and malfeasance (alleged and actual) are to be more or less allowed to get away with it, as we saw with the UK bankers, the Longbridge four, and all but four of the UK MPs caught fiddling their expenses.

I am afraid that accounting fraud, and all other forms of fraud, will always be with us, and that companies like Probe Forensics will always be busy.

John Gelmini

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