China set to invest £43billion to UK energy sector – Energy Voice

This is some excellent news for both the UK and China. It’s a must-read. Check it out!

via China set to investhina set to in £43billion to UK energy sector – Energy Voice.

The Chinese are coming bearing gifts.

China is very important to a mature economy like the UK that desperately needs to increase investment.

Probably, we would have been more up the investment curve, if UK Prime Minister had been more diplomatic with the Chinese Government. We can see from a survey of US attitudes to China that the Chinese are sensitive and want to be welcomed.

Let’s hope that David sticks to his script for a bit?


2 responses

  1. Along with Dr Alf I hope David Cameron learns for once in his life to speak softly to the Chinese or anyone else planning to invest here at scale.
    It really is very simple.
    We lack money and therefore need other people’s.
    If we are not prepared to sell our way out of trouble by exporting we are left without choice and have to become emollient supplicants seeking money.
    This concept may be beyond David Cameron’s understanding but the rest of us understand all too well.

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