In the long shadow of an aged and enraged population | The Japan Times

This is a brilliant, must-read, article from the Japan Times. Check it out!

via In the long shadow of an aged and enraged population | The Japan Times.

With its rapidly aging population, Japan is probably ahead of most Western countries in terms of emerging demographics. Given the extent to which the political classes are trying to play ‘old’ against young, I fear that Western countries will soon be confronted with their own ‘aged and enraged population’. Add falling pensions, rising immigration,  and political Islam to the mix, and the anger of the deprived aged in the West may well exceed Japan.


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  1. Dr Alf is exactly right.
    However everyone is going to become enraged not just the old.
    The young and those still at work will have to pay more taxes and get less from the system,the old,particularly those without money or resources will go on expecting the state to provide when it isn’t able to.
    More work will be automated,outsourced,given to robots,dealt with by cyborgs and completed with 3D printers.
    Extra profits will go to enrich the few while the great unwashed will be left to sink or swim.
    For those who did not save,did not plan and did not think ahead whether they are young or old,the future is neither “bright nor Orange”.
    Indigenous people in the UK can expect to be a minority within 30 years and much of Western business will be owned by the Chinese,South Koreans and to a lesser extent Indians who will be very demanding taskmasters indeed.
    Before then there will be a wider Middle East war which will once again draw in the West and force the UK to rebuild its military forces having just slimmed them down and having just left Afghanistan.
    That war assuming that it can be prolonged will get the wheels of industry turning and deal with the problem of youth unemployment.
    The problem of vorciferous and angry pensioners consuming more money than the country can afford will continue until the present crop of vacuous and spineless politicians is prepared to confront the more feckless and stupid of their number in a robust manner.
    Sadly that time is still some way off but the implosion of the Welsh NHS some borderline English NHS Trusts and some county councils will perhaps serve as a wake up call.

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