‘Strain with US temporary, not affecting economic ties’ – Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey

This is an important article from Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey. It's well worth a read. Check it out!

via ‘Strain with US temporary, not affecting economic ties’.

Personally, I struggled with the optimism that this article is trying to project. To me, it came across as a damage limitation or a propaganda exercise, trying to protect foreign investment in Turkey. Because of Turkey’s foreign policy, there is a high risk, in my view, that multi-nationals will pull-out of Turkey. Without the foreign investment, jobs will quickly disappear and the political leadership will quickly lose popular support.

For multi-nationals investing in countries, like Turkey, it’s a question of balancing risk management and opportunity, along with the relative cost and skills of the labor-force, plus decisions on logistics and infrastructure. In Turkey’s case, there is an increasing political risk because of the policies of the government. There is also the risk of ISIS gaining a foundation in Turkey.


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