Opinion – In the long shadow of an aged and enraged population | The Japan Times -WOMEN’S PENSION 60. AGAINST TAX ALLOWANCE LOSS 65 / PENSION LOSS WIDOWS, HOUSEWIVES, POOR WORKERS

Yet again the politics of spite and envy and incitement to hate the old:
… “the old, particularly those without money or resources, will go on expecting the state to provide when it isn’t able to.” … Oh yes the state can, because the people are the state.

Yes I am angry that the state abandons so many, in or out of work and however long we live, whilst the political class live a life a wealth and privilege paid for by the moral theft of people’s food and fuel money.

The old are abandoned in the UK to women born from 1953 and men born from 1951, who will be left with no money in old age forever, or the bulk of the rest with a drastically reduced state pension for these new claimants,  paid for by taxes and National Insurance credits at 12 per cent a year of wages.

The old and poor in the UK pay a 90 per tax rate from the 75 per cent of tax from people to government of stealth indirect taxes and VAT. Income tax is merely a quarter of all tax sources in the UK.

The old are not a burden on the young and more than pay their way, as do the young poor.

Leaving the UK to starve as it has done, with the 70 per cent rise in starvation since 2010 caused by abandoning the poor,
who the bulk are in work of all ages and are the majority going to food banks, means the politicians are not being voted by the population, who have less and less reason to vote for a political class costing ever more and doing less and less for capitalism let alone socialism.

As UK’s economy grows, income tax receipts do not, as the new jobs are zero hour contracts or part time low waged or low income self employed.

Welfare and pension reform is moral theft from the people whose taxes more than pay for themselves in a round robin of funding.

The loss of state pension payout, payable whether remain in work or early retired in lieu of redundancy under austerity job cuts, means loss of youth jobs in the ghost town remains of the high street in England. It is the poor and the old who shop in town centres in the UK.



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