Rosneft offers Putin program of massive sanctions against the West – English

This is currently the most-read article from Pravda, Russia’s popular newspaper. It’s a recommended read. Check it out!

via Rosneft offers Putin program of massive sanctions against the West – English

Let me give you a flavor:

According to the source of the newspaper, Rosneft proposes to switch the supplies of Russian natural gas to Europe to payment in advance mode. Officials with the oil company believe that such a move would improve Gazprom‘s economy to the detriment of European buyers of the Russian gas.

Personally, I think that this article is designed to throw red meat to the Russian masses who are looking to a hard winter on the back of international sanctions.

Retaliatory sanctions from Russia would seriously escalate the current crisis. Perhaps, it’s a bluff to bring concessions from the West? It’s hard to imagine Europe’s banks being able to finance payment in advance for Russia’s gas?


One response

  1. Like Dr Alf I wonder about this.
    What I do know is that in the long run sanctions do not work as they serve only to create tit for tat responses.
    My late mother and father would never eat brown bread because it reminded them of the black bread they were forced to eat when Churchill applied sanctions on Italy during the 1930’s when Mussolini invaded Abysynnia
    Russia is large,nuclear armed and has powerful military forces so whatever happens next will go on provoking unhelpful retaliation.
    It is time for wiser heads to prevail.

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