Turkey ranks 55 out of 189 countries in ease doing business: Report – Hurryet Daily News, Turkey

This is an interesting article in the Hurryat Daily News, published in Turkey. It’s worth a read. Check it out!

via Turkey ranks 55 out of 189 countries in ease doing business: Report – Hurryet Daily News, Turkey.

Political leaders in Turkey will be very sensitive to this type of international survey. If one factors in the political  risk, including the proximity of ISIS, there is an increased risk that multi-nationals will pull out of Turkey. Turkey’s huge economic growth and the popularity of the current government is because of direct foreign investment. Turkey is putting her economic prosperity at risk with a foreign policy aspirations of rekindling the Ottoman Empire, rather than supporting Western geopolitical priorities.


One response

  1. Turkey needs to move up that league table and stop dreaming of recreating the Ottoman Empire,joining the EU or assisting ISIS.
    ISIS funded by Qatar,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait and their dangerous Wahibi adherents is already out of control and determined to create a Global Caliphate.
    As Dr Alf knows that Caliphate would cover the whole of the Middle East and most of Europe and Africa such is the scale of their ambition.
    Currently we are too soft when dealing with Turkey,ISIS and those Arab states behind ISIS.
    We should effect regime change in all of them and replace Erdogan and these Sheikhs with people who will be our liege men and do exactly what we tell them.
    As it is Turkey is playing with fire and we should fire a shot across their bows..
    This initially by terminating some proposed investment and then through our weather warfare capability some damaging floods or perhaps a tsunami to concentrate minds.
    Erdogan like the late Benazir Bhutto who was blown up by her enemies when she became troublesome is replaceable. He should be under no illusion that his time to rethink his position is short and that unlike Lord Sugar who fired 3 hopeless candidates in last night’s programme of the “Apprentice” there will be no taxi to take them away and no shoulder to cry on.

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