Opinion – Boehner: Bush would have punched Putin in the nose – CNN.com

This is one of CNN’s most popular stories & a recommended read. Check it out!

Boehner: Bush would have punched Putin in the nose – CNN.com.

As I read this story, I could imagine a similar story being top of Pravda‘s most-read list. I’ll have to watch out for Pravda’s response.

On a more serious note, I strongly believe that President Obama’s weak foreign policy is responsible for the current crisis in the Middle East and in the Ukraine. Perversely, Obama seems to want to bully the US’s strongest ally in the Middle East, namely Israel. Geopolitical tensions have increased on Obama’s watch because he’s a weak leader – he likes to talk but is slow to act and even when he does act he does not use the massive strength of the US.

One thing I will say about the right of the US political spectrum, you know what they stand for.


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  1. Dr Alf makes an interesting point.
    Former President GW Bush did have a more robust foreign policy but often rushed in where angels fear to tread,particularly in Iraq where we would have all been better off leaving the despotic Saddam Hussein in power rather than unleashing the sectarian forces we now have ranged against each other.
    President Obama by vacillating and doing the opposite of what he claims to be doing makes people like Vladimir Putin and Xi of China want to test his resolve.
    When dealing with people like that they have to know that you mean business even though you want to get along with them.
    Obama gives me let alone them the impression of weakness,mealy mouthed behaviour and dither.
    The fact that President Obama intensely dislikes Benjamin Netenyahu who is supposed to be leader of Israel a country that is America,s allie is not lost on Xi or Putin nor is it lost on Merkel or anyone else.
    America,s rivals throughout the world conclude from this that if Obama does not trust or like those who are his allies that he is a man cannot be trusted.
    This was reinforced by the episode when Gordon Brown the former Prime Minister of the UK tried to meet Obama but was repeatedly rebuffed and in the end had to engineer a brief meeting in a basement.
    This came about because the petulant Obama disliked Gordon Brown and was lashing out at the treatment of one of his Kenyan relatives tortured by the British in the Mau Mau state of emergency in the 1950’s.
    All of us have to meet and deal with people we dislike or would rather not have to put up with and the so called “Leader of the Free World” has to do the same leaving his personal concerns at home.

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