Europe’s rudderless strategy on boat people –

This is an important editorial article from the FT. Check it out!

via Europe’s rudderless strategy on boat people –

I agree with the FT that Italy has been largely struggling alone on this issue and has taken a humanitarian approach. I also accept that the response from the European Union (EU) is seriously inadequate, with a tiny budget compared to say the Common Agricultural Policy.

However, I disagree with the FT that ultimately Europe must relax her immigration policies.

Immigration, both legal and illegal, is one of the most hotly debated issues across the European political spectrum. As the Italian statistics show, the crisis is growing exponentially. My view is that the more that the EU dithers, the greater will be the pressure from Africa and the Middle East.

For me, this is, once again, an example of where the European Commission is without an effective strategy. It’s the same for the absence of an effective strategy on energy, defense and foreign policy, as highlighted by John Gelmini.

Any thoughts on a humane policy for the EU on the boat people?

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  1. Ordinary people have to bear the brunt of this unwarranted immigration because if those same people were to descend en mass to David Cameron’s Witney Constituency, or to Chipping Norton where he and his friends like Jeremy Clarkson and Charlie Brooks socialize,their would be uproar followed by swift deportations.

    The boat people who arrive should be treated humanely, fed, clothed, given some money and then repatriated.

    The Government of Libya and any other countries boat people are from should be put on notice to reintegrate these refugees and do right by them or face reprisals.

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