Dealing with Austerity – Personal Branding: the Next Frontier? – Reflections – Part 1

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I have recently been visiting Spain and will cover my personal reflections on Spain in a future blog. Whilst in Spain, I soon got into the habit of having dinner at 1030 PM and taking a siesta when the opportunity presented. After a siesta one day, I borrowed a laptop and for some reason googled my own name “alf oldman” and as always was amazed by the thousands of hits. I soon became captivated by this kaleidoscope of twenty years of data about myself, all in the public domain. I remembered that twenty years early, I had consciously set out to build a personal brand called “alf oldman“. In a future blog I shall share my story, including:

  • Reaching and retaining number one status on Google
  • Becoming number one specialist on LinkedIn
  • Ranking number one on Twitter in a specialist area

This week…

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