Putin’s shortsighted military play | The Japan Times

This is an insightful, must-read article from the Japan Times. Check it out!

via Putin’s shortsighted military play | The Japan Times.

Let me give you a flavor:

Putin seems to be betting that the West is a paper tiger, unable to stand up to a Russian government with a focused and hungry eye on its former territories. That bet looks to be an increasingly long shot.

Personally, I see another twist to this story. I think that Putin’s policy is in direct response to President Obama’s foreign policy and military strategies – the latter are weak, confused and ineffective. I wonder if Obama or Putin is the greater risk?


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  1. The answer to Dr Alf’s question is I think President Obama who thinks he can circumvent Congress and the War Powers Act and do what he wants with impunity.

    His vacillation,derangement of the American military and inability to do the job are dangerous because it makes his behavior highly unpredictable.

    Putin and the Russians always test people to see what they will do by creating provocations and probes.

    This makes their responses predictable to the extent that if a power vacuum exists they will fill it at lightning speed.

    President Obama has shown an unwillingness to deal effectively with ISIS either with thermobaric weapons,free fire zones ,the use of killer robots,space based weapons,drones or mercenaries.
    This is because he does not want to “put boots on the ground” and is intent on appeasing Turkey and the financial backers of ISIS on the Arabian Peninsula.

    It is almost as if he wants to let ISIS rampage so that we end up having to take on the Global Caliphate in a full scale World War.

    This is a dangerous miscalculation on his part and that makes him a danger to every one of us and particularly to the American military who will have the task of dealing with the mess he is creating and the young American and Western fighting men who will be sacrificed in this future conflagration.
    Putin is less of a danger than this even though he is eyeing up disputed islands that the old Soviet Union and Japan fought over in World War 2.

    Soon I think we will need his help and firepower to deal with ISIS and the other affiliated jihadis across the globe.

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