Opinion – Americans consider Japan most important Asian country, survey suggests | The Japan Times – John Gelmini

From what I see of American television, statements by Americans I know and from people I know who live and work there, the number one concern is the rise of China and the hollowing-out of the US economy to people in Asia, principally China and India.

American business tycoons, like Donald Trump, talk of “China eating our lunch” and out negotiating Obama’s hench-persons; he never mentions Japan even once.

Like Dr Alf, , I question this survey to the point where I cannot believe a word it says–It is self-serving rubbish from a country which once worried America but which is now of secondary importance.

Japan is necessary as an ally of America in the Far East and as a place to house American bases.

President Obama is a lame-duck President, with a misconceived foreign policy, yet to listen and watch the smug performance of the new Head of the British Army on today’s Andrew Marr show, you would think that Obama’s policy was “exactly right” and something that no reasonable person could possibly disagree with the proposition.

Given that this man expressed views diametrically opposed to those of the outgoing and highly respected Head of the British Army General, David Richards, who was pushed out by Philip Hammond the Defense Minister as “not a team player”, I know that I would rather believe a man who told difficult truths than someone parroting the Government line word for word.

John Gelmini

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