Lionel Barber reviews Henry Kissinger’s ‘World Order’ –

Looking back, this is worth a read. It’s one of our most popular blogs

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Henry Kissinger and Chairman Mao, with Zhou En... Henry Kissinger and Chairman Mao, with Zhou Enlai behind them in Beijing, early 70s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) President Ronald Reagan meeting with Henry Kis... President Ronald Reagan meeting with Henry Kissinger in the White House residence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Meeting in the Oval Office between Richard Nix... Meeting in the Oval Office between Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, and Egyptian Foreign Minister (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding must-read article by Lionel Barber, editor of the FT, reviewing Henry Kissinger‘s new book. Check it out!

via Lionel Barber reviews Henry Kissinger’s ‘World Order’ –

Personally, I can identify with much of the argument.

Once again, I am left pondering whether there is indeed a global conspiracy of the rich and famous, influencing world order. Clearly, democracy seems to be diluted in its effectiveness in many western countries.


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  2. Dr Alf should stop wondering.

    Dr Kissinger who started his rise as Eisenhower’s driver in World War 2 has been on the Bilderberg Steering Group for a very long time and is a member of the Grand Alpine Lodge of Freemasonry.

    A look at the website of the Bilderbergers and the attendees list which the late Jim Tucker used to get shows that all its members are rich and powerful and that following their deliberations world shattering events happen.

    Their members decide on economic conditions, whether we remain at peace or war, who the next American President will be and who the leaders of Europe and the UK will be.

    They were set up by MI6 in 1954 and had their first meeting at the Bilderberg Hotel at Osterbeek in the Netherlands.

    The 2013 meeting was held at the Grove Hotel in Watford, Hertfordshire and was billed as a “private meeting” even though David Cameron and George Osborne, plus Ed Balls all attended in their “official capacities” and the people of Hertfordshire were made to foot the £963,000 gbp bill in full.

    2014 saw the meeting held in Copenhagen.

    The BBC,The Economist and the Financial Times all attend but are not permitted to report on the meetings nor the minutes.

    The “Great Work of Ages(moving towards Global Governance)” has been an objective of Illuminised Freemasonry(34TH TO 46TH DEGREES) for hundreds of years and if one listens to speeches by Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, George Bush Senior, Dr Kissinger and the former Polish Pope the term “New World Order” keeps cropping up again and again.

    The plan calls for the creation of 10 global unions each with its own army, currency, economic and foreign policy.

    Then the idea is to merge all of them into a single union with one person in charge.

    At present the person in charge of Illuminised Freemasonry is called the Pindar(it means penis of the dragon) and he resides in Germany. Below him are various councils and then the Committee of 300, then the Committee of 500 and in total around 2,500 people effectively controlling about 5 billion of us but wanting to control all 7 billion of us.

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