Russia prepares nuclear surprise for NATO – English

This alarming article is currently the most-read in Pravda, Russia’s leading newspaper. It’s a must-read. Check it out!

via Russia prepares nuclear surprise for NATO – English

As I read this article, my mind searched for a Western political leader capable of negotiating effectively with with Russia’s, Vladimir Putin. It looks like we have another two years of Obama, the lame-duck, US President. Then my mind settled on Germany‘s Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

40% of Russia’s gas exports go to Germany via pipelines in the Ukraine. A corrupt government in the Ukraine was refusing to pay its bills to Russia because the country was broke – Russia threatened to cut-off the gas until the old debts were cleared. Guess what happened next? The European Union stomps up billions of Euros for the Ukraine, so that Russia could be paid – and Germany will be warm this winter.

Of course, this is the same Germany that was passionate about austerity and drove such a hard-bargain pulling the troika’s puppet strings. Remember Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus and France?

Will the EU get back the money advanced to Ukraine?

Meanwhile, Angela Merkel is the same person who has championed Western sanctions on Russia.

Should I be worried that the Western armaments industry is rattling NATO’s cage and provoking Russia?

Surely, it’s time to stand back and go for a ‘win-win’ in geo-politics?


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  1. A lot of this English Pravda RU article mentioned in Dr Alf’s post is bluster because the reality is that weapons systems are now space based and can hit any target on earth.

    Russia may well have modernized its capabilities but the “Death Star” weapon that George W Bush had moved into space, plus many of the other capabilities the US has, nullify the developments in tank and ship numbers by a wide margin.

    The arms manufacturers on the Beltway and in other places always have to create threats to sell their wares but the real threat is not Russia to my mind but the demographic time-bomb posed by militant and troublesome Islam in Europe, Russia, China and other parts of the Far East plus India.

    Pravda RU needs to direct its attention to this threat and instead of boasting about these Russian weapons, suggest their use on ISIS, Korosan, Boko Harem. Al Shabab and the Chechens now flocking to join ISIS.

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