Cost-benefit analysis puts corporate tax avoidance in perspective – the Canberra Times

This article from the Canberra Times is worth a read. Check it out!

via Cost-benefit analysis puts corporate tax avoidance in perspective.

As I read the article, I felt that the Canberra Times had understated the problem. Multi-nationals typically operate tax avoidance schemes on a global basis and in my view, it’s necessary to look at the problem from a global perspective, rather than as a national issue.

Also I question how hard governments will push ‘big-business’ for fear of upsetting them and losing their support? In Australia, for example, I believe that Tony Abbot is on familiar terms with the owners of the major mining companies?


Abbott, Cameron join forces to attack growing Russian threat -Brisbane Times

G20 countries

G20 countries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Personally, I struggled with this article from the Brisbane Times. I recommend a critical read – also watch Abbot & Cameron on the video – what have they achieved?

via Abbott, Cameron join forces to attack growing Russian threat.

For me, Tony Abbot has undermined the potential effectiveness of the G20 with his hostility to Russia. It’s no surprise that President Putin is leaving the G20 early.

Surely, the G20 would be more effective if the discussions were in private?

I also question David Cameron‘s assumption that increased sanctions will weaken Russia’s resolve.

On the wider aspects of the Ukraine, I question both the prevailing Western and Russian viewpoints. The Ukraine has long been corrupt and I am deeply worried that the European Union has committed billions of Dollars to prop up the Ukraine, largely to get Russian gas flowing again through the Ukraine to Germany. To me the Ukraine looks extremely fragile, both economically and politically – I worry that the Ukraine will implode, like Iraq.

Personally, I think that Messrs. Cameron and Abbott have made reaching a deal with Russia that much harder.