Thousands dying because hospitals are understaffed – Telegraph

Looking back, this is worth a read. It’s one of our most popular blogs

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This article from the Telegraph is a MUST READ, in my view. Check it out!

via Thousands dying because hospitals are understaffed – Telegraph.

The articles cites new research from Professor Sheena Asthana and Dr Alex Gibson at Plymouth University. Let me quote from the Telegraph article:

Prof Asthana said the shortage of doctors was costing lives. “The health service needs large numbers of staff on the front line to deliver good quality care,” she said.

I hate to say “I told you so” but these outcomes were obvious to me two years ago. Readers of my early blogs will remember that I focused on “slash and burn” cost cutting proposed by George Osborne and the Treasury, compared to more intelligent options for “cost reduction“. From my earlier life, I am an international expert on strategic cost reduction but could not find anybody in the…

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  1. The shortage of doctors is part of the problem, as real reform has to address the number of managers and interim managers with NHS experience who are costing the NHS so much money that the right number of doctors cannot be appointed in the first place. The NHS goes on pretending that it cannot afford doctors and new drugs when it is the mismanagement of resources by these unnecessary managers that is the main cause of the crisis.

    Secondly, in any service which is supposedly “free at the point of need”, you have no way of controlling demand on the part of stupid and mendacious people who insist on eating rubbish, not exercising, not following an enabling personal philosophy, drinking to excess, smoking and ingesting drugs.

    We have the fattest woman in Western Europe, the 4th fattest men and we have the majority of people who have poor diet, poor nutrition and poor productivity at work.

    Variable taxes on foods and a firmer approach to grossly overweight people requiring surgery, adult social care and to people who injure themselves and others through fighting in nightclubs, the streets and in pubs would be a start.

    Getting to grips with malingering pensioners who clutter up GP surgeries and prevent the genuinely sick from being seen, diagnosed or treated would be another.

    Stopping people wanting aspirin from going to A and E and wasting doctors time that should be devoted to the genuinely sick is another.

    At least 50% of hospital admissions could be prevented by people eating better, taking vitamin supplements, drinking less alcohol, exercising, learning to cook, not taking drugs, not drinking on an empty stomach and having an enabling personal philosophy.

    People taking no responsibility for themselves or their physical, emotional and psychological condition is the primary cause of ill health.

    Doctors are there to assist when people have accidents and develop conditions in spite of these basic measures.

    However, too many people take no responsibility for anything and then wonder why there are not enough doctors.

    The authorities fail in their duty to get these messages across so that preventative strategies can work.

    People ,including those who may read this post may well say to themselves that all this is a matter of personal freedom,that one should not pass “value judgements” about people’s lives and that it is simply a question of money.

    They are wrong,personal choice is something with consequences both for the people who exercise the wrong ones and for everyone else who is a taxpayer who has to foot the bill.

    Currently we have too many in the former category and too few taxpayers who foot the bill and exercise personal responsibility.

    This balance has to be put right along with the use of more interventions by “nurse practitioners”,expert systems and self treatment via mobile phone apps,more natural foods,better cooking and lifestyles in which bizarre,unusual and unhealthy practices are not favoured by the tax system and those which are conducive to family life and conventional marriage are so favoured.

    Too many people are lonely ,lack friends,are divorced,and are in effect”fish out of water” seeking solace and comfort from all manner of unnatural pursuits and from an inability to think or distinguish reality from fantasy.

    The result is ill health,mental disorder and an inexorable need for more doctors which no sane Government could afford especially in a country like the UK which is £1.3 trillion GBP in debt and lacks a coherent strategy to balance the books and move forward.

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