Excerpts from interview to German TV channel ARD – President of Russia

These interview excerpts published on the President of Russia’s Twitter account are a recommended read. Check it out!

via Excerpts from interview to German TV channel ARD – President of Russia.

Personally, I found President Putin‘s remarks insightful. For me, he raises valid concerns about the Ukraine. I worry about the Ukraine’s sustainability from an economic, social and political perspective.

The EU and the IMF have given billions of Dollars of financial help to the Ukraine but I question whether these debts will be repaid? – the risk is high with little evidence of effective risk mitigation strategy.

Let me ask an open question:

Surely, it would make more sense for the EU to give Southern Europe the billions for investment, rather than shoring up the Ukraine which is not even an EU member?

Any thoughts?

One response

  1. As Dr Alf says President Putin’s remarks are insightful and as a consequence of the sanctions the West will be hurting itself and its people more or as least as much as Russia is hurt.
    The money that could be saved by not wasting it on the black hole represented by the Ukraine which is incapable of servicing its existing loans should be redirected into Southern Europe which is at least part of the EU.

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