Harvard zoologist quoted to prove Erdoğan’s Columbus claim – Hurryat News – Turkey

This is well worth a read from a leading news blog in Turkey. Check it out!

via Harvard zoologist quoted to prove Erdoğan’s Columbus claim – LOCAL.

This article looks at the mixed views within Turkey on the Turkish President‘s recent announcement that Muslims discovered America. The balanced article examines evidence of Harvard zoologist but highlights that he was discredited in the US. The article also suggests that perhaps the President was fed the story by an aid.

What worries me about this story is the extent to which Erdoğan craves attention that  he used the story without verification. This signals an impetus person who is ready to clutch at straws to gain attention.

As I reflected on the story, it reminded me of Libya‘s Colonel Gadafi unusual ploys to attract public attention. Perhaps next President Erdoğan will live in a tent in the garden of his new palace?

Seriously I worry about Erdoğan’s judgement.


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  1. Erdogan is factually wrong and is misguided and deluded to boot.

    During the California Gold Rush in the 1800,s miners who had gone down more than 1 mile started finding skeletons of humans very much like ourselves.

    They were astonished and took their finds to the Chief Archaeologist for California who then arranged to go to Harvard to meet the Head of the Archaeology Department there along with the mysterious skeletons.

    The Head of Archaeology at Harvard told his Californian counterpart to go away on the grounds that the skeletons did not fit in with the Darwinian Theory of Evolution.

    The Hopi Indian Chronicles along with the Vedic epics written in Sanskrit a language 6,500 years old ,talk about a total of 4 world wars.
    Islam as a religion is only 1400 years old,Christianity is 2014 years old so the original inhabitants of America predated both these religeons and even Zoroastrianism and the Babylonians.

    As to Erdogan’s current policies we see that he is building a palace 4 times the size of Versailles, wants to reconstitute the Ottoman Empire and presumably make himself the Sultan. To achieve that he is prepared to risk a global war using ISIS as the means to reach his immediate objectives but never for a moment thinking that THEY are using him. On that basis he is both dangerous and stupid and we are stupid to trust him let alone have him as an ally.

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