In Kenya, Justice Catches Up With Elephant Poacher – Voices – National Geographic

English: THese are very rare animals and endan...

English: THese are very rare animals and endangered so they should be protected. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important, must-read article from the National Geographic. Check it out!

via In Kenya, Justice Catches Up With Elephant Poacher – Voices.

There is an urgent need for the wider world public to focus on illegal poaching of endangered animals. In so doing, praise and gratitude need to go in abounds to the successes, like this story in Kenya. However, deep and searching questions must continue for the whole supply chain profiting from trading in endangered animals. The World’s leading agencies should push for greater resources, publicity and sanctions against the criminals.


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  1. The problem of poaching Rhino horns that Dr Alf has outlined in this piece from National Geographic is I think less about the greed of poachers but more about the need to carefully educate our Chinese friends about the need to preserve these magnificent creatures.
    I am a fan of Chinese medicine because I know it to be highly effective.
    Becoming a fan of ways to slow down the inexorable march of time has beena consequence of searching for alternative cancer cures to help keep my younger brother alive when the UK NHS told him on several occasions that he had reached the end of the road or had “exhausted his options” and must in effect prepare for his death.
    On this regime of prevention and alternatives I spend about £150 gbp a month but at least feel at critical moments more like the very energetic 30 year old I once was.
    There are more than enough things in the plant world which are quite natural which can achieve the desired effects without having to harm so much as a hair on any animal’s head.
    My process of education came late in life but to preserve these magnificent creatures which are part of an eco system we need to educate the young and from behind closed doors and without finger pointing ,the old.
    With no buyers then poachers are put out of business.
    African poverty is a different issue and that has to be dealt with by economic emancipation,weaning them off aid,Equality standards that make everyone’s boats rise with the tide and more efficient systems of Government which make corruption on the part of African dictators and despotic Governments who secretly condone some of this nonsense,come to an end.

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