Opinion – How the US fracked OPEC: Oil enters new era – Sydney Morning Herald – John Gelmini

English: Keep Calm and Carry On UK government ...

English: Keep Calm and Carry On UK government poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let  me try to address Dr Alf’s question namely:

Who is to blame for motorists not getting the full benefit of lower oil wholesale prices? Is it the oil majors or governments with inflated taxation?

It is the owners of the major oil companies, the owners of products made from oil and the governments which they control.
This means in effect the Rockefellers and Duponts.

The NHS in the UK is funded out of Petroleum Revenue Tax and the “good causes” portion of National Lottery tickets.
The NI fund went into insolvency in 2000 and now because of hidden unemployment and so-called self-employment income tax receipts are down.

This is why the UK Government does not want petrol and diesel prices to fall any further and why it is secretly keen for legal and illegal immigration to go on rising. These extra people will do the jobs that the indigenous population refuse to do and will pay tax which the Government plans to use to fund the black hole in the Nation’s finances.

John Gelmini

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