Spend your old age caring for the even older generation – Telegraph

This is a must-read article from the Telegraph. Check it out!

via Spend your old age caring for the even older generation – Telegraph.

This story highlights the crisis in caring for the aged in the UK. Where, until recently, there was support from local government, now the responsibility falls on the children of the aged – often these children are approaching retirement.

Of course, the other aspect of the crisis is that whilst people are caring for aged parents, they are unable to work, so there’s a double financial burden:

  1. Loss of public healthcare; and
  2. Opportunity cost of lost earnings, whilst caring for parents

With George Osborne about to announce his latest Budget to the UK parliament this week, once again, I worry deeply about about the abuse of austerity. Osborne has used the bacon-slicer which has cut public services but has been slow to effect genuine reforms that would genuinely reduce costs whilst maintaining public services.

Let me ask an open question:

In your view, are there more effective policy options for old age care in the UK?


One response

  1. Dr Alf asks a telling question and having looked after an elderly father for 3 years with my sister whilst working I speak from experience>
    Adult Social Care is fixable but the British public have to face up and be made to confront several difficult realities:
    1)They are responsible for their own health and wellbeing,not doctors,the council,the Government or anyone else.
    That means,diet,nutrition,vitamin supplementation,cooking properly,avoiding junk foods,continually learning ,avoiding whenever possible harmful things in the air,water,countryside and the built environment.
    It means reducing or eliminating alchohol,smoking cessation,avoiding bizarre and unusual sexual practices and maintaining stable relationships ideally within the boundaries of traditional marriage assuming you are one of the 89 people out of 90 who is a heterosexual.
    It also means following an enabling personal philosophy having thought it through carefully and developing resilience and mental toughness.
    Obviously accidents happen and our military men and woman plus people in high risk occupations are a special category but much of the need for Adult Social Care is driven by a lack of commonsense and disregard to the above points.
    This falls under the process of prevention through education.
    2)Early identification of people about to fall into the need for Adult Social Care can be effected by CRM and the ESD Toolkit and we need to put the people we find back onto the straight and narrow by involving GP’s,physiotherapists,coaches and nutritionists and by tough love—Insisting on weight reduction and smoking cessation before expensive operations or modifications to stairs and houses are made.
    3)Variable taxes on foods and limits on sugar ,salt and e-number content
    4)Using the zoning laws to reduce junk food outlets and expand healthy eating establishments,farm shops etc
    5)Banning aluminium saucepans,foil,Bisphenol A and E numbers
    6)Replacing the NHS with a new French style system minus unnecessary NHS managers and unnecessary civil servants at the Department of Health and then merging Adult Social Care into it.
    7)Aggressive re-enablement of Adult Social Care recipients involving where necessary the fitting of Gastric Bands,sending them to fat camps,compelling them to practice Tai Chi and curtailing the benefits of refuseniks.
    8)Using robots in care homes and outsourcing Dementia care in extreme cases to lower cost countries if there are no close relatives
    9)Providing generous tax relief to Long Term Care Premiums
    10)Redesigning our cities to be pedestrianised as is the case in Salzberg,Austria,putting in extra police to create safe havens for walking

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