Opinion – Two more ministers accused in the VIP child abuse scandal: MP wants Secrets Act lifted to let police speak out  | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

The Official Secrets Act is being misused to cover up what Dr Alf rightly calls a scandal as well as criminality, bestial practices and matters which bring the country into disrepute and cost it millions.

We are seen as hypocrites if we pontificate about human rights ,”decency”,”fair play” and the like if we allow this sort of thing to go on unchecked.

The police must be unchained and allowed to catch these people effectively “draining the swamp”. Then the law has to take its course. Those who cannot change must be imprisoned permanently, with no possibility of parole, and those capable of redemption must be given that chance and be chemically castrated as an additional precaution. Their incarceration should be for as long as is possible and paid for by sequestration of assets and income so that they are not a burden on the public purse and remain an example to other potential paedophiles within the Establishment.

Will this happen?

I doubt it because most of these people are and always have been above the law unlike the rest of us.

John Gelmini

Would Jeb Be Like Barack? – S.V. Dáte – POLITICO Magazine

There’s some interesting insights here from Politico. It’s worth a read. Check it out!

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