Cyprus gas dispute: Between profits and politics – Hurryet

This is an insightful article, published in Hurryet, the Turkish news source. It’s well worth a read. Check it out!

via Cyprus gas dispute: Between profits and politics 

Whilst, I accept the broad thrust of the argument, I see the issues differently.

Turkey‘s foreign policy in recent years has pitched Turkey as a regional player, influencing developments in the Middle East, similar to in earlier Ottoman times. Turkey’s foreign policy has highlighted differences and geopolitical confrontation. There are major foreign policy differences with the US, the EU and Russia.

English: Map showing the territories of the Ot...

English: Map showing the territories of the Ottoman Empire in 1914, including nominal and vassal territories. According to the information on the map in (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Within the Mediterranean, Turkey’s foreign policy has excluded it from joining countries keen to develop offshore gas and oil, namely Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Egypt.


One response

  1. The article and Erdogan,s position on rebuilding an Ottoman Empire as evidenced by his partial funding and training of ISIS and his acquisition of a palace 4 times bigger than Versailles gives the game away.
    Turkey wants to be a regional energy player,it wants to regain power which we once took away from it and it wants through stirring up trouble in the largely Muslim sections of Russia,to weaken it.
    It wants gas and oil for itself or largely for itself and it wants to use ISIS as the lever to prise open Iran and Syria starting with an “air exclusion zone” in Syria which would be treated by the Russians and Chinese(they have done a deal with the Kurds over oil),as an act of war.
    That risk of war is more important than Erdogan’s ambitions for Turkey so we should either put him back in his box or replace him with someone more sensible whist dealing with ISIS and militant Islam with precision and severity along with the other regimes that fund them.
    Quite a lot of Quatari,Kuwaiti and Saudi Money and Turkish money goes through correspondence banks in London and then by whatever means finds its way to Turkey and then into the hands of ISIS.
    Turkey is playing a dangerous game and so are we,there needs to be pause for reflection and a plan to deal with Erdogan and his so called “Grey Wolves”(Former ,now retired Turkish Generals who advise terrorists and fanatics) whilst Turkey is able to officially pretend that its motives are purer than the driven snow.

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