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English: Map of the districts of Cyprus, named...

English: Map of the districts of Cyprus, named in English, with English annotations, and showing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, United Kingdom Sovereign Base Areas, and United Nations buffer zone. The individual maps see below. Deutsch: Karte der Distrikte Zyperns: Griechische Verwaltungszonen, Türkische Republik Nordzypern, UK-Militärbasen, UN-Pufferzone (englische Beschriftung). Zu den Einzelkarten siehe unten “Individual maps”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent, must read article by Nikos Konstandaras, published as an op-ed article in the NYT. Check it out!

via Is the Cyprus Issue Insoluble? –

Personally, I fear that progressing with offshore gas and oil exploration without addressing the political challenge of the divided island of Cyprus is increasing the risks.


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  1. I share Dr Alf’s concerns about Cyprus, particularly given that Enosis (Union with Greece) and the desire of Turkey to reconstitute the Ottoman Empire have been with us since at least 1918.

    Then we had the Cypriot Emergency, which was stirred up by Archbishop Makarios whose tomb lies in the Troodos mountains. That resulted in huge numbers of Greek Cypriots coming to London where successive generations of them now live in places like Barnet.

    In 1974 trouble flared up again and the Turks invaded Northern Cyprus, while the UK which has a base at Akroteri did nothing to stop them. The Turks kept the best parts of Cyprus for themselves, ethnically cleansed the areas which they captured north of Farmagusta and splitting Nicosia in two.
    They then annexed it and declared all of Northern Cyprus to be part of Turkey which the UK does not recognize but is a “fact on the ground” to this day.

    Cyprus to the south of this so called “Green line” is now home to wealthy Chinese expatriates, Russian Oligarchs, retired doctors, professional people and genuine former interim managers, like Dr Alf, who extricated themselves from the UK whilst the going was good.

    Gas and oil will undoubtedly have the potential to enrich Israel, Cyprus and Greece, as well as places like Bulgaria, provided people are not too greedy and agree on a sensible way to divide the spoils.

    Looking back at history it is often a case of “might is right”.

    What for example would Britain and America do if Turkey, which has a very large army, decided to seize the rest of that country in order to put its hands on that mineral wealth?

    Already under Chancellor Merkel’s direction Cypriot bank depositors were severely “hair-cutted” but Russian Oligarchs somehow managed to extract their money in the nick of time and put it into off plan and on plan London property whilst hiding the rest in gold bullion, jewels and various Crown Dependencies like Tortola, Bermuda and Belize the de-facto home of Lord Ashcroft.

    One would hope that American pressure and the presence of Russian oligarchs would encourage Turkey which is an untrustworthy and duplicitous country not to do anything stupid for fear of upsetting Putin’s resurgent Russia and what will soon probably become Hillary Clinton’s America.

    As it is, the EU will do nothing and the UK is incapable of doing anything if matters were to go “pear-shaped”.

    There are as Dr Alf suggests risks in all of this not only for Cypriots but also for expatriates like himself and others less perceptive than himself who might not have taken the trouble to craft a workable risk mitigation strategy.

    One can of course follow the lead of the Russian Oligarchs and the Chinese by ensuring that one’s money is largely positioned in safer places than Cyprus and that any websites one has to promote or sell things are set up and hosted in locations well outside of the EU, Cyprus or the Americas.

    Bank accounts to receive monies from these websites would be set up in different jurisdictions again and any intellectual property would be in a different jurisdiction such as the Isle of Man to provide a further measure of security.

    Similarly houses, cars and real property can be removed from direct ownership and placed into suitable offshore trusts.

    If one was really paranoid one might also follow the example of the Mormons who based on their interpretation of the Bible keep a years supply of food in the house in the form of dried nuts, seeds etc all hidden in hollowed out arms of armchairs,settees and suitable cupboards.

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