George Osborne has missed his chance to end the British disease – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Telegraph

This is a good article from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, International Business Editor at the Telegraph.

via George Osborne has missed his chance to end the British disease – Telegraph.

This article takes a hard look at the record of UK Chancellor, George Osborne and his outline proposals for the next parliament, if the Conservatives return to power. The thrust of the article is that the UK is still not managing both public and private sector debt effectively. Also the article recognizes that the UK record on competiveness is getting worse.

I have just returned from a trip to London and can witness first hand this crisis. A three bedroom terraced house in an attractive central London suburb is now circa GBP2 million. Unless you are from a privileged and wealthy background, young people will increasingly struggle to buy their own home in London. Across London I witnessed numerous cranes on the skyline, deployed for expensive refurshishment of large private homes.

As an expert in delivering strategic change, I worry deeply about the absence of cohesive strategy from the government, and the nation’s risk register where major risks seems to go unmitigated.

Let me turn to an open question:

How should the UK effectively reduce the levels of private & public sector debt?