Putin: Russia will never follow instructions from the West – English pravda.ru

This is currently Pravda‘s most popular article, featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin annual address to the Federal Assembly in the St. George’s Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace. It’s well worth a read. Check it out!

via Putin: Russia will never follow instructions from the West – English pravda.ru.

What’s interesting for me is to compare the viewpoints to mainstream Western media – the gap is enormous.

Personally, I struggle with the effectiveness of Western sanctions on Russia – the sanctions are damaging both Russia and Europe – sanctions will weaken the chances of a diplomatic solution.

I also worry about the risk of war by accident, following a rogue event.



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  1. Dr Allf struggles to see how the sanctions against Russia will work and thinks they will hurt the West as much as they hurt Russia.
    I tend to agree and the UK in particular is vulnerable to Russia’s weather warfare capability just as it was in the Cold War when the brutal winters starting in 1963 and culminating in 1981 brought to UK almost to its knees.
    Today we have 3% spare generating capacity and the possibility of blackouts if the weather turns cold.
    A return to Russia of a few oligarchs will affect the London property market and the measures taken in the autumn statement by George Osborne.
    Europe is vulnerable too.
    Vladimir Putin moves very fast and can out think most Western leaders.
    Currently we should be considering who our real enemy is not trying to provoke Russia who as we speak have warships in the English Channel on exercise as a demonstration of power projection that ought to give us cause to pause.

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