US should clean up its own human rights issues – Global Times

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This is a powerful, must-read article from China’s leading newspaper, Global Times. Check it out!

via US should clean up its own human rights issues – Global Times.

The Global Times article is factual and presents a well-reasoned argument. It brings in to question US criticism of China’s record on human rights.

Americans will counter that China is not a democracy, with one-political party, and  media controls.

It is probably timely for me to ask two open-questions:

  1. What happened to the America that was the champion of freedom of the individual?
  2. Is the American Dream dead?


Why An Oil Crash Is Exactly What Obama Needs | Business Insider Australia

This is an excellent, must-read, article from the Business Insider Australia. Check it out!

via Why An Oil Crash Is Exactly What Obama Needs | Business Insider.

Whilst the article oversimplifies, it makes a powerful point. The Obama administration has been dealt a windfall or a hand-full of wild-cards. This has happened despite Obama’s disastrous foreign policies.

Much as I have little respect for Obama and his achievements, the article highlights that despite domestic political gridlock in the US, Obama potentially wields enormous political leverage internationally because of low oil prices. Given the oil crash, Obama can still leave an important legacy but he will need to be more robust and decisive in 2015. Obama could do worse than follow George Bush‘ approach to allies.

It is perhaps time for Obama to come to terms with ‘big-business’. Obama needs US multi-nationals to take a hard look at their investments in Turkey. [See earlier blog about the ‘political risk’ in multi-national investment decisions in Turkey].

Any thoughts on how Obama will play his wild-cards?