Opinion – US should clean up its own human rights issues – Global Times – John Gelmini

English: CIA Exceptional Service Medallion.

English: CIA Exceptional Service Medallion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Logo of Global Times

Logo of Global Times (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The American dream is not dead but whilst for some very bright Americans it is possible to make life changing amounts of money, for others it is more difficult to break through.

I have always believed that people in glass houses should not throw stones and that we should not seek to lecture the Chinese or anyone else about human rights unless we can honestly say that we are purer than the driven snow.

Clearly, we have engaged in draconian measures to deal with terrorists, both by legislation and other more nefarious activities.

Much of the legislation like the Patriot Act and the related snooping catches not just the people who should be in the cross hairs but all sorts of people who really should be left to go about their business.

It should be possible to eliminate grandmothers, small children and law abiding citizens and then focus relentlessly on jihadists, bogus imans, traitors and seditionists.

This can be done by closing down rogue mosques, cancelling their charitable status if the sermons preached there are not in accordance with the Koran or the law of the land.

Rogue imans, people who openly march and demonstrate for Global Caliphates are traitors whether they live here in the UK or in America or anywhere else.

The penalty for treason should be death and the penalties for sympathizers and seditionists should be internment and very hard labour under remote and austere conditions.

The Chinese are not saints but if we must lecture then we need to be a lot cleaner than we are and have the sense to do it sotto voce behind closed doors.

As things stand, both we and them have an interest in dealing with the threat posed by a Global Caliphate in the making.

John Gelmini

Opinion – mainly macro: The imaginary world of small state people – Simon Wren-Lewis – John Gelmini

Simon Wren Lewis is wrong about the BBC and he is wrong to pose the problem as “Big State” versus “Little State”.

The State can do more than it does now with a fraction of the people if only the people could be shocked into becoming more productive.

Dr Alf says that austerity went on for too long and I agree. It should have been deeper and far more concentrated as was successfully done in both Canada and Eire for just 2 years.

At the same time a crash program of quadrupling exports needed to be in place using a combination of faster writing down allowances, Pimsleur style language training and benefit recycling.

We are now facing the prospect of bringing in Portuguese bricklayers at £1000 gbp per week because we lack sufficient bricklayers here and we have a shortage of engineers which is going to be filled by recruiting from Spain.

We are also going to bring in vast numbers of Syrian refugees at a time when we have a shortage of 11.5 million houses, are building 100,000 a year and lack bricklayers.

Our welfare system and the innate nature of too many of the indigenous population promotes laziness,torpor and in those who do work very low productivity. This has to be confronted, along with the obesity and alchohol consumption which accompanies it. Simply sanctioning benefit recipients is not enough, as it is it is used to massage the unemployment figures down and save on the benefits bill. Those who are sanctioned need to assigned to care homes and other forms of useful work in exchange for their benefits.

Food banks are expanding because of the sanctioning of benefit recipients but there are cases of Heroin addicts and others using the food which they obtain with real and possibly fake documentation as currency with which to buy drugs or to finance trips to hospitals like the Lister at Stevenage near where I live where they sneak in and try and steal drugs. which now have to be guarded by G4S 24 hours a day.

Other food bank recipients may well be genuine but I have witnessed a number of them smoking and guzzling beer in the Witherspoon pub in Letchworth Garden City and the same practices go on throughout the country and are witnessed by others.

John Gelmini