Opinion – BBC wants Labour to win General Election, Tory MPs claim – Telegraph – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right and so are the Conservative MPs.

The BBC has been engaged in left wing bias for many years and their reporters and correspondents never talk about productivity which in the public sector is just 32% which means that with Lean processes, radical transformation and sufficient ruthlessness you could improve services and cull all but 15,000 civil servants.

You could reduce constabularies, county councils and fire commands to 15 of each for the entire UK and eliminate District Councils, Borough and City Councils and Unitary Authorities whilst outsourcing their functions to a rotating panel of competing providers.

The Chief Constable of Lincolnshire has told the Home Secretary that his force will implode and “cease to do business” by 2018 if new cuts go ahead and the BBC falls for this line of buffalo dung hook line and sinker.

The BBC contains a number of former Labour Ministers, like James Purnell, and has large numbers of Common Purpose trained and Fabian Society members.

The narrative is that if there are further cuts the NHS will implode, local authorities will implode, services will be decimated, the sky will fall in and we will be consumed by plagues of locusts and scorpions.

The BBC which is in daily abrogation of its licence fee charter through product placement without attribution, siphoning off licence fee payers money and going into internet television which 15% of licence fee payers cannot access, giving free advertising to actors, actresses, authors, playwrights, impresarios, film stars etc, etc and giving lucrative contracts to its presenters(eg Terry Wogan and his limousine service), is past its sell by date.

Every day, it shows bias by using its interviewers to interrupt people it doesn’t like,not allowing certain people like Lord Lawson ,Dr David Bellamy and Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT to even appear and talk about Climate Change.

Time enough to abolish the licence fee and let those who want to watch its biased output do so by subscription and then put this discredited bunch of left-wing presenters and past their sell by date stars to the sword.

John Gelmini

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