Opinion – Why An Oil Crash Is Exactly What Obama Needs | Business Insider Australia – John Gelmini

I thank Dr Alf for sharing this Australian news source.

I tend to think that low oil prices are a double edged sword.

As for Obama being decisive and robust, I think it is most unlikely because he is naturally cautious and interferes with his military commanders(Sun Tzu used to call this deranging the military and went to great lengths to explain that matters of concern to a civilian leadership were entirely different to military matters).

The Pentagons plans for dealing with ISIS have been rejected, so ISIS and their fellow travelers throughout the world, will probably (with Saudi and Qatari backing) destabilize the Middle East and drive the price of oil back up again.

That plays into Vladimir Putin’s hands although it may seem to our Antipodean friends that Obama has been dealt a good hand of cards.

John Gelmini

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