The “Great Game” and the Conquest of Eurasia: Towards a World War III Scenario? | Global Research

English: Crop selection of: World map depictin...

English: Crop selection of: World map depicting Eurasia; map adapted from PDF world map at CIA World Fact Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an insightful research article that takes a hard-look at emerging geo-political trends. It’s a recommended read. Check it out!

via The “Great Game” and the Conquest of Eurasia: Towards a World War III Scenario? | Global Research.

Personally, I hope that there will never be another world war. But the stakes are huge. Even with diplomacy alone, there will be major winners and losers. World leaders will be challenged as never before. With the end of US hegemony but still enormous military power with the US, there will be greater opportunities for soft power. For example, earlier today, I argued that it would be shrewd for the West to reduce sanctions on Russia.


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  1. Intristing topic Dr.Alf. I see the all too plausable scenarion of such conflict. History repeats itself; im interested to see how tension in Asia pans out this day in age, realistically. I see a currency war erupting violenently led by Japan’s Abe-nomics.

    Ruble has suffered despite IR rate hikes, that is very concerning to see waves of speculators out pacing monetary policy.

    My associste certainly published a quick piece on russsia’s economic dillemma. I suggest you give it a read!

  2. The Heartland theory devised by Mackinder the Scottish geographer and MP still influences PNAC thinking and “AirSea Battle” which is designed to contain Russia and China.
    Like Dr Alf I do not wish for World War 3 although the blueprint for all 3 of them is contained in a letter by the late Confederate General Albert Pike to Guiseppe Mazzini the Italian revolutionary in 1871.
    The letter originally held on public display in the British Museum was viewed rather a lot so the museum authorities now say they never had it.
    Copies of it can be accessed in a simple Google search and the accuracy of Pike’s prediction vis a vis the first 2 World Wars and the objectives they were meant to produce are uncannily accurate.
    If we go on trying through sanctions and lowered energy prices to cause their economy to implode we will trigger a reaction but one hopes wiser counsel will prevail.

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