Opinion – The “Great Game” and the Conquest of Eurasia: Towards a World War III Scenario? | Global Research – John Gelmini

Situation of the pivot area established in the...

Situation of the pivot area established in the Theory of the Heartland developed by Halford John Mackinder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Heartland theory, devised by Mackinder, the Scottish geographer and MP, still influences PNAC thinking and “AirSea Battle“, which is designed to contain Russia and China.

Like Dr Alf, I do not wish for World War 3, although the blueprint for all three of them is contained in a letter by the late Confederate General, Albert Pike, to Guiseppe Mazzini, the Italian revolutionary in 1871.

The letter originally held on public display in the British Museum was viewed rather a lot so the museum authorities now say they never had it. Copies of it can be accessed in a simple Google search and the accuracy of Pike’s prediction vis a vis the first 2 World Wars and the objectives they were meant to produce are uncannily accurate.

If we go on trying through sanctions and lowered energy prices to cause Russia’s economy to implode, we will trigger a reaction but one hopes wiser counsel will prevail.

John Gelmini

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