Opinion – In 2014, Labour and the Tories learned – for the first time – that they could both lose – New Statesman – John Gelmini

The New Statesman is factually incorrect but Dr Alf is right to bring this exaggerated article to our attention.

It is not that the major parties will lose, as much as the arithmetic favors a 3 or 4 party Coalition, regardless of which major party has the most seats.

Secondly, the leaders of both Labour and the Conservatives are going to be replaced after the election, since they have demonstrated their respective qualities of uselessness with Milliband being the most useless of them all.

Liberal Democrats never a “major party”, are likely to be wiped out by people like Natalie Bennett the robust Antipodean leader of the Green Party and Nick Clegg is destined to become an EU Commissioner.

John Gelmini

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